World of Mouth

The Bookloft is holding a new monthly youth spoken word and poetry event on the second Tuesday of every month.  Poets 25 and under are welcome.

There will be a new featured poet at every event, and regular attendees will be given a chance to participate in an official spoken word slam that will be recorded as an audiobook on and published as a chapbook. 

  • Tuesday, April 10th, 6:00pm  -  featured poet: Scribbles 
    Scribbles is a Lowell-based poet, teaching artist, youth poetry coach, and florist. She has represented Lowell's Mill City Slam on local and regional platforms, including the National Poetry Slam in Denver, CO in 2017.
  • Tuesday, May 8th, 6:00pm  -  featured poet: Brumy the Poet
    This bassist, actor, and retired boxing coach moved to the States from Angola and has been performing poetry on regional & national platforms.
  • Tuesday, June 12th, 6:00pm  -  featured poet: Lexi Halaby
    This Lebanese-American writer & literary performer has participated in women's invitational slams as well as local & regional shows.
  • Tuesday, July 10th, 6:00pm  -  featured poet: Sarah Masse
    As an activist and slam poet, Sarah Masse is outspoken about issues such as mental health, gender equality & social policy. Masse has performed in the Women of the World Poetry Slam, as well as the National Poetry Slam. She coaches youth slam poetry in Boston.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 14th, 6:00pm  -  featured poet: Jon Sinson
    Jon Sinson, a Berkshire-based writer and slam poet, has been a contributor to numerous poetry shows and festivals for many years.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 11th, 6:00pm  -  featured poet: T.B.A.