Why We Love Ajiri Tea

Those of you who frequent our store have likely seen the Ajiri tea and coffee we have at the counter. You have seen the beautiful hand-made boxes and been vaguely aware of its connections with a charity organization, but what exactly does Ajiri do?

The Ajiri Tea Company was founded in the Kisii community in Kenya, taking into account the skills and opinions of the people. The tea is grown by a local cooperative of independent farmers on sustainable land, and the packaging is hand made by local women from banana bark. The paper is even made of plant material from an invasive water hyacinth species!

In addition to employing and empowering women for the future, all net profit goes to purchasing books and clothes for orphans and sending them to school.

So Ajiri does good things, and the tea and coffee are both delicious. The tea lovers on staff here can't get enough. Keep at it, Ajiri!

More information can be found at their website.