Two New Berkshire-Based Novels Are Here

Authors and publishers have heard your cries for some more mainline fiction set in The Berkshires! Here are two new novels that take place right here in Western Massachusetts:

Time's Betrayal

"By a Berkshire lake on a September morning in 1953, John Davenport Alden III, classical archaeologist, war hero, and blue-blooded New England Yankee, hugged his two-year- old son, took a last drag on his Lucky Strike, and walked away from his life. A year later, his body was returned by the KGB. John Alden was not only exposed as a CIA agent, but branded by some in the Agency as a traitor. His young son, Peter Alden, was condemned to grow up in the shadow of a man he barely knew....David Adams Cleveland unfolds the turbulent saga of four generations of Aldens—from Peter to his great-grandfather, a Civil War general and railroad builder—and the Williams clan, their idealistic cousins and sometime bitter rivals. Anchored in historic moments from the Battle of Antietam to the fall of the Berlin Wall, this sweeping family drama encompasses many of the contradictions of the American experiment, including the plague of racism, American exceptionalism, and the triumph and tragedy of America’s intervention on the world stage in wars and conflicts throughout the 20th century." (From the Publisher)

David Adams Cleveland is the author of two previous novels, With a Gemlike Flame and Love’s Attraction, a Barnes & Noble best-seller. His most recent art history book, A History of American Tonalism, won the Silver Medal in Art History in the Book of the Year Awards, 2010, and Outstanding Academic Title, 2011, from the American Library Association. He also works as an art adviser with his son Carter Cleveland, founder of, a website dedicated to making all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. He and his wife live in New York.

Meet author David Adams Cleveland! On Wednesday, October 25th, at 3:00pm he will be here at The Bookloft to for an informal book-signing and a meet & greet event! Consider yourself invited.


The Locals

"Mark Firth is a contractor and home restorer in Howland, Massachusetts, who feels opportunity passing his family by. After being swindled by a financial advisor, what future can Mark promise his wife, Karen, and their young daughter, Haley? He finds himself envying the wealthy weekenders in his community whose houses sit empty all winter. Philip Hadi used to be one of these people. But in the nervous days after 9/11 he flees New York and hires Mark to turn his Howland home into a year-round "secure location" from which he can manage billions of dollars of other people's money. The collision of these two men's very different worlds - rural vs. urban, middle class vs. wealthy - is the engine of Jonathan Dee's powerful new novel....Here are the dramas of twenty-first-century America - rising inequality, working class decline, a new authoritarianism - played out in the classic setting of some of our greatest novels: the small town. The Locals is that rare work of fiction capable of capturing a fraught American moment in real time." (From the Publisher)

Jonathan Dee is the author of six previous novels, most recently A Thousand Pardons. His novel The Privileges was a finalist for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize and winner of the 2011 Prix Fitzgerald and the St. Francis College Literary Prize. A former contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine, a senior editor of The Paris Review, and a National Magazine Award-nominated literary critic for Harper's, he has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Guggenheim Foundation. He lives in Syracuse, New York.