Humbler Acts

Humbler Acts was born back in 1936. Back then, smoking was a neat thing. In the mid 1950's (when he started smoking) it was still a part of manhood. He stopped in the 1960's when awareness began. He is married with two grown sons, runs a steel company, plays a few half-rounds of golf, studies Hebrew, and is a Vegan.

A very powerful dream, too powerful to ignore, set Humbler Acts on the course to helping people quit smoking.

"I didn't start writing immediately after having the dream," says Acts. "It took a while for it to 'soak in'. By then, I'd had other dreams I simply couldn't ignore. Even the idea of using the name, 'Humbler Acts', came to me in a dream, and it neatly describes my specific approach in helping people quit smoking."

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Published: Bookway International Services - December 1st, 2001