Charles McCarry

Charles McCarry served in the United States Army, where he was a correspondent for Stars and Stripes, has been a small-town newspaperman, and was a speechwriter in the Eisenhower administration. From 1958 to 1967 he worked for the CIA, under deep cover in Europe, Asia, and Africa. However, his cover was not as a writer or journalist.

McCarry was editor-at-large for National Geographic and has contributed pieces to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and other national publications.

His novels, which are highly regarded for their expertise and literary quality, are currently being reprinted by Overlook Press, starting with Tears of Autumn, republished in 2005. Charles N. Brown, the publisher of Locus, which primarily addresses the science-fiction publishing world, wrote in the July 2006 issue: "Two Charles McCarry hardcover reprints from Overlook... aren't really SF or fantasy, but they are two of the best spy thrillers ever written and form a secret or alternate history of the 20th century. The other volumes in the history of the Christopher family, all excellent, range from the 17th Century (Bride of the Wilderness) to the near future (The Better Angels, Shelley's Heart)."

The film Wrong is Right (1982) starring Sean Connery was loosely based on his novel, The Better Angels.

He is married with four grown sons. His family is from the Berkshires, where he currently lives.

Photo credit: John McCarry


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