Art of Protest Postcard Set

SKU: 9781632890597A

These postcards, collected from the book, are perfect for correspondence, collections, and wall art.

About The Art of Protest bookIn collaboration with Amnesty International, Jo Rippon presents a stunning range of more than a hundred protest posters, from the iconic to the obscure. The civil rights movement, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the global outcry against the Iraq war all make their cameos in this comprehensive collection.

About the Author: Jo Rippon first engaged in activism when she was eleven years old. An image of a devastated Amazon rain forest-inspired her to become a vegetarian and take a stand against a big corporation that was clearing rain forests to farm beef. Jo is a writer and editor of books for adults on music and art. She lives in London.

Specs: A package of ten, 4” x 6” postcards featuring art from 5 iconic protest posters

Price: $6.99