Aan Zee by Joachim Frank

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Aan Zee is about the tragic-comic search of a man for his identity between two cultures. It is a modern Bildungsroman, in the sense that the heroe searches for a purpose and is transformed in the process. Hubert Belovski, a German-born scientist now living in the United States of America, is confronted with his past in the shape of a former girlfriend, as he goes to Scheveningen in the Netherlands, following an invitation to speak at a Conference on Fluid Dynamics. Aan Zee is the name of his hotel, which has seen better days. After a brief rekindling of passion, he is left feeling more alone than before. On his ways to his aunt in Austria, he is struck by a viral flu that leaves him immobilized and in her care for months, enough time to reflect on his life. He finally recovers and, in Rip van Winkle fashion, returns into a world that has moved on.

Joachim Frank is a German-born scientist and writer living in New York, with a weekend house in the Berkshires.  He has published a number of prose poems and short stories in literary journals. He is the author of Aan Zee and two still unpublished novels, Narcis and The Observatory.  A literary blog and links to his published work is found at www.franxfiction.com. In 2017 he shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Jacques Dubochet and Richard Henderson.

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