New Summer Book Clubs

Joining a Summer Book Club

The Bookloft staff members will be hosting some new summer book groups at The Bookloft's new event space! Meeting just three times over the summer - June, July, and August - these groups will be a great way to try out a new genre or find new friends with similar interests.

We'll have free refreshments (such as pizza and wine, or another similar treat) at the first meetings to kick off each club! And each meeting will be facilitated by a bookseller from the Bookloft who is passionate about the books they've chosen! The book lists are below, so find your perfect fit! (Hurry! Space is limited to 8 members for each group.)

Meeting Location:
All of these groups will meet at 33 Railroad St (upstairs above Stone House Realty and The Chef's Shop).

How to get your book:
We'll help you buy your book! Purchase your book through the Bookloft and get 15% off a paperback or 25% off a hardcover!


Scary Summer Fun Book Club

Relax in the sun while reading spooky summer horror-tastic fun!
Group leader: Cheri
Schedule: Fourth Tuesday of the month at 8:00pm
Sign up by emailing

Tuesday, June 25th Tuesday, July 23rd Tuesday, August 27th
My Best Friend's Exorcism
by Grady Hendrix
Thirteen Days by Sunset Beach
by Ramsey Campbell
Down a Dark Hall
by Lois Duncan


Indigenous Voices Book Club

Engage with literary fiction written by an indigenous person.
Group leader: Julia
Schedule: Fourth Wednesday of the month at 8:00pm*
Sign up by emailing
* If this time changes we will let you know

Wednesday, June 26th Wednesday, July 31st Wednesday, August 28th
Two Old Women: An Alaska
Legend of Betrayal, Courage
and Survival

by Velma Wallis
Indian Horse
by Richard Wagamese

Night Flying Woman: An
Ojibway Narrative

by Ignatia Broker

Summer Speculation Book Club

Speculative fiction can take many forms, but these novels all take place in the not-too-distant future. See below for Pam's personal descriptions of each.
Group leader: Pam 
Schedule: Fourth Thursday of the month at 5:30pm
Sign up by emailing

Thursday, June 27th Thursday, July 25th Thursday, August 22nd
The Salt Line
by Holly Goddard Jones
The Wall
by John Lanchester
Golden State
by Ben H. Winters

Pam says this about each of the books:

The Salt Line by Holly Goddard Jones
"A literary dystopian future which turns speculative fiction into a thriller unlike anything I've ever read. The characters are vivid and true; even the villains are well-rounded and feel real. The story is complete in itself, yet you are left wanting to know more. "

The Wall by John Lanchester
"Haunting and beautifully told; speculation on what our world may become as we protect ourselves from The Others left outside the walls built to protect us from the rising seas and climate change."

Golden State by Ben H. Winters
"Winters creates a future world where truth is required by law because of the confusion created by lies (political, religious, quasi-scientific) in the past. Yet where truth is required (the Objectively So), it gets complicated. When there is a branch of government that can decree certain ugly truths as unknown and unknowable, where does that leave the So? Philosophy and politics wrapped in a police procedural."

Sci-Friday Book Club

Get spacey (and robot-apocalyps-y) with these sci-fi novels
Group leader: Giovanni
Schedule: Fourth Friday of the month at 6:00pm
Sign up by emailing

Friday, June 28th Friday, July 26th Friday, August 23rd
Sea of Rust
by C. Robert Cargill
Old Man's War
by John Scalzi
Do Androids Dream
of Electric Sheep

by Philip K. Dick