Staff Picks MaxHi! I'm Max, a.k.a the Mysterious Bookseller. As the nickname suggests I love anything and everything that involves mystery, ranging from true crime to Sherlock Holmes. I have been a bookworm since 3rd grade and my love for books has only grown since. My mystery obsession started when my Nana would babysit and let me watch her Scooby Doo VHS tapes. Scooby doo grew into Murder She Wrote, Psych and any mystery media I could get my hands on. I am now a Biology major who hopes to switch to Forensic Science! While mysteries are my bread and butter, I also love books on american history, cooking, biographies, horror, and anything inbetween. My current interest is the history of the American Mafia, so be on the lookout for some books on that in my staff picks! My undying love for jazz music heavily influences the time periods I enjoy reading about, in fact, you'll likely find me listening to my Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday records while I am lost in a book. Hopefully I'll see you at the store! 

Max's Staff Picks:

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Scarface and the Untouchable: Al Capone, Eliot Ness, and the Battle for Chicago By Max Allan Collins, A. Brad Schwartz Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062441959
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Published: Mariner Books - June 4th, 2019

Bookseller: Max

Title: Scarface and The Untouchable: Al Capone, Eliot Ness, and the Battle For Chicago

Al Capone's leadership of his syndicate changed the way the U.S. government saw the Mafia forever. They were no longer a ragtag group of petty criminals from Sicily, they were an immediate threat to the American people. Collins and Schwartz do an incredible job of illustrating each sides perspective while still remaining true to the smallest details. You can feel Capone's confidence in his supposed omnipotence and how he became a symbol of rebellion in the heat of prohibition. You can also see Eliot Ness's fierce dedication to forming a group powerful enough to do the one thing no agency or person had ever been able to do, take Capone down. This cat and mouse game not only involved the FBI and Capone, it involved the entire country, people waiting in lines around the block to get a newspaper to see what Capone was up to, asking him for autographs, going to his court hearings. Capone rose to a celebrity status, and whether you were rooting for him or not, you were watching him. The spotlight was where he thrived. Collins and Schwartz pull you back in time and make you a fly on the wall in both sides of this battle for Chicago. You won't be able to put it down!

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Portrait of a Thief: A Novel By Grace D. Li Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593184738
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Tiny Reparations Books - April 5th, 2022

Bookseller: Max

Title: Portrait of a Thief 


Grace D. Li is a new literary force who has absolutely floored me with her debut book. Perhaps I feel some sort of connection because the characters are my age or because I think pulling off a heist would be fun, but either way, this book has left a lasting impression on me. The twists I didn't see coming made me verbally gasp. When you think you know the plan, let me tell you, you're wrong. I can't wait to see more from Li.