If it's Wednesday, I must be at The Bookloft - not the greenhouse, not leading a field trip,  and not doing trail work on the AT! So many interests, like so many books, and so little time! That's why non-fiction books are usually my picks, because I try to keep up with my favorite subjects. As I heard once, "Act your shoe size!" We all need to slow down and see what there is to see. We need to reread some books, like Silent Spring. Sometimes it's children who help us grown-ups marvel at the wonders of the natural world, right in our own backyards. Stop and smell the flowers!

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Linda's Staff Picks:

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Voyage of Mercy: The USS Jamestown, the Irish Famine, and the Remarkable Story of America's First Humanitarian Mission Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250200471
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Published: St. Martin's Press - March 3rd, 2020

Bookseller: Linda
Title: Voyage of Mercy

Comments: The potato famine in Ireland was causing massive starvation for millions. And there was no help from England.
At this time, 1847, US was at war with Mexico BUT because so many Irish immigrants came to the US, everyone learned of the tragic times. 
And then, Young America came together-all peoples, all areas, rich & poor-to start shipping food & supplies to Ireland. It was our first humanitarian effort supported by all!!
Author Puleo gives the background, the personalities and describes the harshest conditions known.
US and Ireland, to this day, share a special bond.
Great history & extremely moving action packed voyages...

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Deep River Cover Image
ISBN: 9780802125385
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Published: Atlantic Monthly Press - July 2nd, 2019

Bookseller: Linda
Title: Deep River

Comments: The Deep River, the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest, MADE the businesses AND people!
Early 1900's, Swedish & Finns came to escape the changes in Europe. Men & women  survived by hard work, sharing, not giving up-to make a new life.
This book is a total immersion into the day to day life-of wet wool, loggers boots, huge salmon, massive trees & the struggles with workers rights, big corporations, strikes & bargaining.
And yet there was life-births & midwifery and deaths...
This will take YOU inside the life with such details, I am shocked to have learned so much! 
An absolute emotional experience you want to follow. the author must have spent years researching to tell this amazing history.
And yet, its the same thing today-immigrants, workers, unions & wanting to have freedom to live...