Independent Bookstore Day 2017

Ok, listen up.
Really, you'll want to see this.

Something big is happening Saturday, April 29th...

Independent bookstores all across America are having a party. Come on out to The Bookloft for a fun day of special freebies, exclusive books and literary items that you can only get on this day at a store. Not before. Not online. Not after they run out.

Here's what to come out for:

  • $6 Story: The Sandmeyer Reaction - A special SIGNED edition of IBD’s ongoing “$6 Story” series featuring a deleted scene from Michael Chabon’s latest novel, Moonglow 
  • Welcome to Night Vale vinyl record -  A vinyl edition of the bestselling Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor
  • “Lost & Found” Coloring Print - This original, SIGNED black and white drawing by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) is inspired by her activity book, You Are Here

  • A Literary Map of the U.S. - A SIGNED giclee print created by 3Fish Studios, creators of Bookstore Day’s A Literary Map of California and A Literary Map of the Seas
  • "An Author’s Best Friend" Canvas Pouch - This handy 100% cotton canvas zippered pouch features portraits of real author dogs like Sparky Patchett and Jennie Sendak.
  • Literary Tea Towels - This year’s flour sack tea towels feature two food-related literary quotes from Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde.

  • “Child of Books” fine art print - The acclaimed New York Times bestselling authors of A Child of Books, Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, offer an exclusive SIGNED fine art print for book lovers of all ages.

Free Items, Prizes, or Giveaways - 

...and more!