How To Be Ready For Holiday Shopping

Your support this holiday season ensures that we'll still be here for 2021! Your choices matter. Thank you for supporting us this holiday season and keeping your money in our community!

Based on what we've learned since re-opening amid a global pandemic, many of the basic functions of getting things from one place to another look differently now than they use to.

Shopping early is important this year due to the high demand for books, the potential for supply chain disruptions and delayed inventory shipments, and the need to help bookstores and other small businesses make it through the end of the year.

We feel it’s important to note some changes to our holiday shopping policies and to offer some helpful suggestions that will make your shopping experience go more smoothly.  


As we are all aware, the shipping times for deliveries are longer than we are used to, so we encourage you to keep this in mind when ordering books, and to do it as soon as possible to ensure that you will have them in time for your holiday events.  


  • It may helpful to work off a list. That way, when you arrive at the store, you are prepared with the information necessary to find your items (such as a book's true title, and a tricky spelling of an author's name).
  • As a temporary pandemic measure, we are unable to offer exchanges or returns of purchased items right now (for cross-contamination reasons). That's why it’s even more important to think ahead about what you’d like to purchase for your special people. 


For shopping in the store, we suggest the following:
  • Have specific gift ideas ready (with alternative selections: Books may sell out fast, and restock timelines are slower than usual)
  • Mask (everyone must wear a mask at all times, including children)
  • Reading glasses (you will need to be able to read tiny price tags and the credit card machine screen)
  • Reminder: Cushy chairs are on leave for the time being. Unfortunately there is no option to sit down or lounge.   
  • Remember to social-distance: Keep in mind that we will not be able to have a crowd at the checkout counter for questions or assistance.  All customers will be attended to individually on a first come first serve basis.  We are not able to assist multiple customers at a time, so please be prepared to be patient and wait in the line following the distancing rules as marked on the floor.
For shopping online:
  • Work off a list (Remember, due to the pandemic, we are unable to offer exchanges or returns of purchased items & alternative choices may be necessary)
  • If you are picking up your order in person, it will NOT be inside the store (once we notify you that it’s ready). It will be located OUTSIDE on the table, under the Curbside Pickup tent.
  • Take advantage of our FREE shipping offer to avoid crowds during picking up
  • Timing is everything - Order as early as possible to enable you to receive the items in time for the holidays.