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Help with Placing a Web Order

1. Find Your Book

In the "Search Books" field on the right-hand sidebar of our site (or from the "Main Menu" > "Shop" > "Search" page), type in any Title, Author, keywords, or the specific ISBN to find your book.

2. Notice if It's "On Our Shelves Now"

Click on any title to be taken to the info page about that book. Notice that it tells you before you add it to your cart if we have the book "On Our Shelves Now." You can also see how many we have (updated every hour), in case it's a very popular title that might go fast.

3. Add a Book to Your Cart

Once you click "Add to Cart" you can continue shopping, or proceed to checkout.

4. Proceed to Checkout

The first part of your "checkout" process asks you to either:

  • 1) Login with an existing account;
  • 2) Checkout as a Guest by using just your email address; or
  • 3) Create a New Account that will securely remember your customer info, such as Billing address and Payment info.

If you do not remember if you have an existing account, the site will tell you if your email address is already on file. See this Help Section to reset your account info.
If you plan on ever placing another online order with us, it is most convenient to ask the eCommerce site to remember who you are by Creating a New Account.
If you want to Proceed as a Guest, you will STILL need to input a valid email address. This is so that your payment confirmation and order notifications can reach you.

Note: Any sensitive info is stored off-site, electronically, and is up to the security standards required by current e-commerce law: encrypted and only accessible to the Payment gateway providers. For more about this, see our privacy policy here.

5. Pickup or Delivery

In the "Calculate Shipping Costs" you can choose "Curbside Pickup" or a mail delivery option.

If You Choose Curbside Pickup 
We still need time to process your order; It does not mean your order will be automatically ready if you just show up. A bookseller will manually fill your order and communicate with you via your preferred method (phone or email) to let you know when your order is ready for pickup.
Then, just look for the Curbside Pickup tent next to the parking lot any time during our normal business hours.

6. Payment

You have a choice of Paypal, Credit Card, or Gift Certificate.

Paying with a Gift Certificate:

  1. Please ONLY choose "Gift Certificate" if your available amount will cover THE ENTIRE ORDER TOTAL shown.

If you will need to use some on Gift Certificate and some with another form of payment, you will need to

  • Select that OTHER method here FIRST (i.e. Credt Card or Paypal) and completely enter all relevant info
  • Then, use the "Order Comments" (below) to input the Gift Certificate info (ID number & Date-including Year) to inform us to please apply a Gift Certificate first before we charge the remainder to the method you've selected above.
  • Don't worry - your total will not be fully charged to your Credit Card/Paypal, but only the difference that you owe after your Gift Certificate is used up.

Trust us, it works this way, and not the other way around, even if you think it shouldn't. :)


Say hello, write us a poem, or explain that you have a gift certificate to use for part of your order!

When you Click "Review Order" you will get one final chance to make sure everything is as it should be before you have a final button to confirm!


How to Log In

1. Select "Account" from our Main Menu

2. Enter Your Username & Password

These must match your previously created username and password.

IMPORTANT: Your "Username" is the portion of your email address before the "@" symbol.
(For example, if your email address is "" then your Username would be "blog").

If you do not know which email address you have used in the past, send us a request at HELLO@THEBOOKLOFT.COM and make sure to tell us your First and Last Name. An administrator will be able to retreive the address you used before.

3. If you do not remember your password, select "Request New Password."

Enter the email address used with your account, and you will be sent a temporary password. You can then re-set your password to a new one of your choosing.

NOTE: Make sure to check your Email's "Spam" folder, since the password reset email will be coming from a "do-not-reply" site-generated account.

IMPORTANT: If you do not know which email address you have used in the past, send us a request at HELLO@THEBOOKLOFT.COM and make sure to tell us your First and Last Name. An administrator will be able to retreive the address you used before.


How to Edit Account Details (Like Email/Password)

How to Manually Change Your Password

Log in to your account (see above) and select "Edit."

Enter your Current password.
(Below that, you will see your existing email address on file. Do not change that at this time.)

Next, type a NEW password, and then re-type it to confirm the new password.

Select "Save" at the bottom of this page to apply changes.

How to Change Your Email Address on File

Log in to your account (see above) and select "Edit."

Enter your Current password.

Edit the existing Email address that you have on file.

Select "Save" at the bottom of this page to apply changes.



How to Add/Edit Credit Card Info on Your Account

When you log in to your new account page, you will see your account name, and below that, 4 Menu tabs that read "View," "Edit," "Orders," and "Billing."

To ADD a credit card, click on "Billing."
If you have never added a billing method, it will say "You have no cards on file."

The sub-menu will now have an "Add" button.

Click on "Add", and you can enter your payment info.
Make sure to "Save" your changes.


How to Log Out

  • To "log out" you must simply clear/delete your Web browser's cookies

You may be surprised that you do not see a "Log Out" option anywhere on our site.

Our site umploys a convenient and common feature using "cookies" to securely remember who you are. If you use your own computer/devices to place your orders with us, there is no real need to ever "log out" since there is no security benefit to it. However, if you use a shared computer - such as one at a library - then you will need to clear the Web browser's cookies when in order for it to safely "forget" who you were.

To "log out" you must simply clear/delete your Web browser's cookies.

If you don't know how to do this, you can find detailed instructions here in our Cookie Policy documentation

What exactly are Cookies?
Cookies are small files that a site or its service provider transfers to your computer’s hard drive through your Web browser (if you allow) that enables the sites or service providers systems to recognize your browser and capture and remember certain information. We use cookies to help us remember and process the items in your shopping cart.

Cookies do not put your Sensitive Information (like Credit Card info) at risk; your sensitive information is not stored wioth these Cookies. Therefore clearing your Cookies to "log out" using the above method will not help (nor hurt) your own account's security. (To learn exactly where and how your sensitive information is securely stored, please review our Privacy Policy here.)

Cookies are specific to the device you use. f you use different devices to view and access our Site (e.g. your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) you will need to ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to suit your Cookie preferences.

You can read our Full Cookie Policy here


How to Sign Up for our Newsletter

If you'd like to receive our Email Newsletters, you can sign yourself up at
(Additionally, the signup feature is available in the "Footer" of any page on our website.)

Note: We use Mailchimp to manage our email audience, so if at any time you'd like to unsubscribe, just use the links provided in the footer of any newsletters you receive from us.