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Here is a complete list of dogs we have featured on Dogs of The Bookloft!






"Aria is an Australian Shepherd, and a huge Swifty Fan!" 










"Mimi is from Tennessee. Loves belly rubs and going for walks!"






  Meet Sweet Indy Long Haired Dachshund. 









 Amadeus, Boston Terrier Puppy Mix. Loves Kisses and Snuggles!








 Magz, Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix, 7y/o, a Certified Wave Shredder:  "Magz is short for Magzilla the Killa. She loves Paddle Boarding!"









    June, Pitbull/Lab Mix, 6y/o, a Sweet Pea! "She was born in San Francisco, CA"










Newt, Chihuahua, 6.5 m/o, a small gentleman: "He was found on the side of a highway in San Antonio, TX. His Instagram is @nearly_nudey_newt.








  Bonnie, 5 m/o, Lab/Husky Mix, ball of pure puppy energy: "She is from Vermont and loves everyone!"









 Sunny, 7y/o, Corgi, a tail wagging machine: "She's a therapy dog, but you wouldn't know that from her behavior sometimes!"









 Lenny, 11.5 y/o, Boston Terrier, has a better resume then most humans: "He's an AKC Grand Champion, competed in the Westminster Dog Show, and is's first canine critic!"










Bean, Poodle/Chihuahua mix, 10y/o, a ray of sunshine: "He has a girlfriend named Toast. He also has a recipe dedicated to him in my book "The Cook and The Rabbi"."









Rosie, Australian Labradoodle, 11 y/o, has found the doggie fountain of youth: "She's from Brooklyn. Her favorite food is prosciutto, it's how we trained her to hop in the car."








  Josie, Cockapoo, 1.5 y/o, a jumping jelly bean!: "She wiggles her whole body when she gets excited. We call her Miss Wiggles!"










 Leo, Golden Retriever, turns 3y/o next week!, if Doug from Pixar's up had a brother: "He likes classical music!"








  Indy, Bernese Mountain Dog, 7.5 y/o, Indy in the indie bookstore: The muse behind owner Michelle Cuevas's new book, "The Dreamatics" (who's launch party is happening at the store right now 9/16 until 3pm)!









 Canela, 6 m/o, Australian Cobberdog, Fabio level curls: "We call her Nelly. She loves to grab dirty socks from the laundry bin, not to destroy them or anything. She just holds them."









  Molly, Cattle/Pit Mix, 2 y/o, Birthday girl!!: "She is scared of paper towels."










Tillie, Coton de Tulear, professional door greeter: "She's from Georgia, she came to get a book!"








 Marty, Doodle Mix?, 4 y/o?, The coolest Marty (with the second being McFly): "He's from Virginia. We got him and thought he was one, brought him to the first vet who told us he was 4, then the second vet told us was 6-8, so we really don't know. He had never seen a fire hydrant or chair, he would back away when he saw them."









 Judy, Pitbull/Hound??, 5 y/o, the Michael Phelps of canines: "She has a big dog body with little dog legs. She was supposed to be on the Rachel Ray show but they didn't put her on because she was wearing a cone."









 Theo, Irish Wolf Hound/Poodle Mix, 1y/o, large enough to ride into battle: "When he is done with you, he will go to his room. He also knows three languages: Italian, Vietnamese, and English. His Instagram account is called @dailydose.of.theo!"









 Winter, Mini Poodle, 10 m/o, belly rub fanatic: "Her favorite toy is a stuffed lion."









  Theo, Maltese/Poodle Mix, 2y/o, an aspiring extrovert: "He sleeps like a person, He puts his head right on the pillow."










Fred and Baxter, Italian Greyhounds, 4y/o + 2y/o, previous store owner Pam's pups! (say that 5 times fast): "They are two very good boys!"








  Tucker, Sealyham Terrier, 6 y/o, Birthday boy!: "He's part of my writer support team!"









 Zorro, Husky Mix, 5 y/o, Antonio Banderas WISHES he was this handsome: "His favorite color is yellow!"









 Cleo, Pitbull Mix, 7 y/o, look at that face!!: "She is all about love. She loves cuddles, belly rubs, and people!"









 Dora, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, 2 y/o, too cool for school: "she’s obsessed with her blind 11 year old sister Frieda and her summer highlights are all natural”









  Wallace, Dalmatian, an incredibly polite young man: "He is a show dog reject because his tail curls. He also speaks Portuguese!"









 Bowie, Mini Australian Shepard, 3.5 m/o, Ziggy Barkdust: "He was rescued from Texas. He has the same condition David Bowie has."









 Cinder and Maple, Havanese, 4+6 y/o, make sure you scroll down to see Maple!: "They make cute sounds when they get excited. They are from Florida, two sunshine dogs!"









 Look at Cinder! ^









  Nori, Black Lab Mix, 1.5 y/o, a road warrior: "This is his first road trip! He also loves sweet potatoes."









 Iris, Mini Goldendoodle, 4 y/o, look at the curls!: "She loves doggy daycare!"









  Indy, King Charles Chevalier, 3 y/o, the canine vacuum: "She will eat ANYTHING. There is not a single thing she won't eat."









 Moxie, Husky/Pitbull mix, an athlete: "She loves to paddle board!









  Fergus, White West Highland Terrier, 4 y/o, looks like Tintin's dog Snowy: "He and the cat across the street torture each other all the time."









 Frankie, Pug/Dachshund mix, 11 y/o, Bookseller Max's dog: "We call him Frankie Da Fang, which is a tough name for someone who is terrified of thunder."









 Qantas, Golden Retriever/Lab Mix, I would trust him as a pilot: "He's a seeing eye dog in training! He was sponsored by the airline, so they got to choose his name."









 Elliot, Havanese, 1.5 y/o, a fashionable fellow: "He's very mischievous. He's named after George Elliot, very fitting for a bookstore!"









  Quixote, Havanese, 14.5 y/o, doesn't look a day over 6: "He's the only one in the family who was actually born in the Berkshires, he's from Egremont."









 Cecil, Australian Cattle/Pitbull mix, 3 y/o, looks like he's wearing mittens: "He loves to dig, hates vegetables, and is a major supporter of local business"










Connery, Lab/Pitbull Mix, 4 y/o, he likes his treats shaken, not stirred....: "He's named after Sean Connery, he also has an instagram called @themisadventuresofconnery "









Buddy, Labradoodle, 8 y/o, inspo for Kelly Clarkson's hit "behind these hazel eyes": "He's a certified therapy dog, he works part time."









Lenny, Pumi, 5 out of 5 dentists love his smile: He's a humble Hungarian herding dog... say that five times fast! Loves to bite tires and try to herd cars.








 Mindy, Mix of many breeds, a southern gal: She is a rescue dog from Texas who now lives in the Berks and loves it! She likes to throw bones in the air and catch them.










Addy, B&W English Pointer, 6 y/o, a regal lady: "She hails from Minnesota. She also runs 6 miles a day"









 Flint, Kerry Blue Terrier, 11y/o, would take 1st place in a best beard competition: "He's a therapy dog and works with kids who have special needs. He started when he was four months old. He even has a AKC trick title."









Emmie, Dachshund, 4y/o, elegant young lady: "She's a frequent Bookloft customer. She loves dance books!"








  Walter, Golden Retriever, 2 y/o, movie star quality: "He's a therapy dog in Great Barrington. He loves Benedict Pond and his favorite author is Robert Frost!"









   Kobe, English Shepard Mix, 2.5 y/o, master traveler: "He's driven across the country twice! He loves the car."










Frankie, Black Lab/Basset Hound Mix, 2 y/o, professional bookstore model: "He loves Jeopardy and hates Wheel of Fortune"








  Asia & Roxy, Schnauzer, 12y/o and 10y/o, Double Trouble!: "They are visiting from Connecticut!" 









 Charlie (and his human, Alison), Dachshund, 5 y/o, a king of the people: "He needs some dental work done. Instead of biting, he'll be gumming."









 Foxy, Finnish Spitz, 12 y/o, a true family dog: "She lived in a hotel for 4 months and everyone called her the Lobby Dog."









 Jade, Labradoodle, heart of gold: "She loves to chase frogs!"










 Lady, Breed? "no earthly idea" - her owner, a very proper lady: "She may or may not eat the treat you give her. She is very picky"









Oscar, Poodle/Havanese Mix, has killer eyebrows: "She was rescued from an Amish puppy mill. She loves hummus and peanut butter!"










  Pepper, Australian Shepard, 5.5 y/o, a business lady: "She's a professional cow herder. She even has her own Linkedin profile."








 Kip, Vizsla, 4 y/o, a gentleman and a scholar: "He loves jumping to catch tennis balls."









 Hendrix, Lab Mix, ball of energy: "He loves to hike and swim!"









 Doug, Shih Tzu/Maltese Mix, popstar material: "He has the loudest yap ever."










  Theo, Corgi, 5 y/o, supporter of indie bookstores everywhere: "We drove an hour and 20 minutes to shop here for Indie Bookstore Day!"








Odie, Beagle/Lab/German Shepard, Mayor of Otis: "He's Otis from Otis"








  Comet, Bernadoodle, he's out of this world!: "He likes to be sneaky and LOVES treats!"










Summer, Shih-poo, award winning smile: "We found her on Instagram, so its only fitting she's on yours!"










Birdie, Spinone Italiano, 1.4 y/o, faster than the flash (when a treat is near): "Wiggle butt is her signature move."









Charlie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 7 y/o, Instagram celebrity: "He will do anything and go anywhere for a treat."









Kipper and Bailey, The Dynamic Duo!: "Kipper is 14 1/2 years old. He's deaf, but his eyes work just fine! This is Bailey's first trip to the Berkshires. They are both from Brooklyn."










   Carmine, West Highland White Terrier, 12 y/o, young at heart: "He thinks he's a Broadway star!"










   Otis, a Berkshires native: "I adopted him at the beginning of the pandemic. He spends half is time here and half in the city, though he wishes he didn't have go to the city at all!"









     Hunter, 4 y/o, a man on a mission: Pictured with his human!








   Juno, Cocker Spaniel, 4 y/o, a very proper young lady: "She's a retired show dog who's strutted her stuff in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and more. She is sweet, friendly, and very well behaved. A winner in every way!"









   Moose, Havanese, 8 y/o, a true acrobat: "We adopted him the day we moved to Colorado. He loves snow, but hates water."










  Louie, Australian Labradoodle, a literary dog: "His middle name is Meatball!"










   French Fry, Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix, 2.5 yrs, a social butterfly: His full name is "French Fry Chicken Nugget". He has a cat sister named Banana and a best doggie buddy named Rusty who lives in NYC.










   Yoshi, Shih-tzu, 6 months, our vote for the next vogue cover girl: "She loves animals, her best friend is a horse named Big Red. She's affectionate and fearless... she also has 2 boyfriends, a King Charles Spaniel and a Dachshund."









   Stella, Standard Poodle, 1 1/2 yrs., a working girl: Very polite, sweet, and smart! She's also a fashionista if you couldn't tell by the boots and plaid sweater.










  Flower, Husky/Blue Heeler Mix, an absolute trooper: "She had knee surgery three weeks ago. She's got a robo knee."










  Tillie, 8 months, cutie patootie: She's new to the Berkshires. She's an Arkansas dog. She loves the snow!










   Jet, Border Collie, a pure unbridled snuggling machine: "He herds all of his toy balls."










   Dodi, Miniature Schnauzer, a love bug: "Her name means beloved. She's so fun, she loves everyone and everything!"










   Bacchus, Wire Fox Terrier, 7 1/2 years old, the bravest knight in the land: "He's named after the god of wine, but add an "h". If you heard him whine you'd know why."










  Kodi, Mini Goldendoodle, a absolute bundle of joy: "She's so sweet. Such a cuddler. If you're sitting down, she'll jump in your lap."










  Gabby, Toy Poodle, it's her world and we're just living in it: "she loves people!"










  Tucker, Mini Goldendoodle, 100% cute 24/7, 365 days a year (366 days on leap years): "He loves pup cups from Dunkin."










   Logan, Beagle mix, 10/10 on the adorable scale, and an absolute gentleman "He is scared of books but he's working on it."