David Jaicks

Dave Jaicks holds a bachelor's degree in English from Northern Michigan University, 1981.  He has published in Fence, Open City, The Haight Ashbury Journal,  Hummingbird, Passages North, Lit Up, and Peninsula Poets.  His stories have original plots, with lively poetic language, often sharing a park bench with poetry, and both nipping quietly from the same paper bag.

 His books are as follows:


                            River Rock                ISBN 978-1-933994-36-9

                            Driving Home             ISBN 978-1-935534-105

                            Dog Park                  ISBN  978-1-935534-77-8

                            Horses In The Fog     ISBN  978-1-61468-100-7

                            The Spirit Man           ISBN  978-1-61468-206-6

                            Road Dust                ISBN  978-1-61468-257-8