Carolyn LeComte

Carolyn LeComte graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in art and a minor in Creative Writing and American Literature.  She later became a medical artist for Rutgers Medical School.

She lived in New Jersey until she was 21, and after working at Rutgers, she moved to Western Massachusetts.  She was employed as an industrial artist at a major defense company, where she edited technical material.  In addition to her job she continued to write short pieces and poems, and even joined a local art group, becoming the editor of their newsletter. Her poems and stories allow her to keep in touch with her imagination.

Her first novel, Trinity James, was printed by Black Velvet Seductions Publishing.  Her latest novel, Dark Paradise, a contemporary story of romantic suspense, is now available for order.  An active member of the website FanStory, she regularly reads and reviews poetry and prose and exchanges ideas with other writers. She is currently working on more unnamed novels.

"Besides writing, which is a driving passion, I enjoy painting, photography, travel, and, of course, my family - husband (the love of my life), two daughters (lovely beyond words), three grandchildren (the precious joys of my days), and two son-in-laws (gifts of love). Oh, yes, and I can't forget our four parrots who keep our home lively, to say the least! The nest is never empty..." - Carolyn LeComte, from her website: