Calling Local Makers

If you are a local maker, and need a place to sell your hand-made creations, we want to hear from you!

Local makers, looking for a place to sell your creations? Ask about our consignment program

We'd love to stock your hand-crafted items on our shelves and enable you to sell them on consignment through The Bookloft!

To find out about our Consignment Program, stop in during the week to speak with either Julia or Giovanni.
Come prepared:

  • Bring a finished example of what it is you'd be selling
  • Know your own costs per item, and/or what its retail price is
  • Be ready with restock quantities of your items - we might start off with two or three, but if they sell out, we'll be calling for more!

If you'd like to email this information to Julia, please include a photo of your items. Send your email to