Bookstore Owner Runs For Public Office

April 1, 2017

Great Barrington, MA - Pam Pescosolido, owner of The Bookloft in the Southern Berkshires region, announced her candidacy to run for public office in 2018 under the newly founded Bookist Party. "I enjoy reading," Pescosolido stated in her announcement speech, "and telling people what to read comes naturally. Really, how different can running the store be from running for office and inventing a reading political party?" During her rally on Saturday, April 1, 2017, she outlined that her platform will be defined by the same principles that her bookshop runs on: well organized categories of what readers should read. Saturday's rally saw the support and public endorsement from Kathleen Kelly, former owner of independent bookstore The Shop Around The Corner in Manhattan. "We need someone like Pam to stand up to the big book lobby." Dozens of individuals were in attendance at Pescosolido's announcement rally, but, controversially, only those who were fictional participated. When reached for comment about whether that might translate to a lack of non-fictitious voter support, Pescosolido stated, "Look, I made cookies. Want one?" Pescosolido's rally was held at The Bookloft, in the Poetry section.