Books for Graduates

Millions of students are nearing the end of an educational arc; whether they are finishing high school, receiving a bachelor's degree or a technical degree, or completing their graduate program in obscure fracture dynamics, they'll soon be moving on to new pastures. What better gift than an inspirational book? Here are a few of the things on our shelves now.

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The Toaster Project - An heroic attempt to make a toaster from scratch. 101 Things I Learned in Film, Business, Fashion, Culinary, and Architecture School.
18 in America - A young man defers college to play 18 holes in the lower 48. The Best Advice Ever Given - A collection of commonsense wisdom and wise advice.
Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg empowers women to achieve their full potential. Grow the Good Life - Why vegetable gardens make you happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise.
On Looking - A startling exploration of how we perceive and discover our world. A Peoples' History of the United States - Zinn's classic text.
100 Diagrams That Changed the World - From the earliest cave paintings to the iPod. There Was a Country - Legendary author Chinua Achebe gives a personal history of Biafra.
Vampires in the Lemon Grove - A magical collection of stories from Karen Russell. The Man of Feeling - A sleek and strange tale of cosmopolitan love.