The Globalization Myth: Why Regions Matter (Compact Disc)

The Globalization Myth: Why Regions Matter By Shannon K. O'Neil, Suzie Althens (Read by) Cover Image
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A case for why regionalization, not globalization, has been the biggest economic trend of the past forty years The conventional wisdom about globalization is wrong. Over the past forty years as companies, money, ideas, and people went abroad more often than not, they looked regional rather than globally. O'Neil details this transformation and the rise of three major regional hubs in Asia, Europe, and North America. Current technological, demographic, and geopolitical trends look only to deepen these regional ties. O'Neil argues that this has urgent implications for the United States. Regionalization has enhanced economic competitiveness and prosperity in Europe and Asia. It could do the same for the United States, if only it would embrace its neighbors.

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ISBN: 9798212361750
Publisher: Kalorama
Publication Date: November 15th, 2022
Language: English