Statecraft and Society in China: Grassroots politics in China (Paperback)

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Statecraft and Society in China. Chinese grassroots politics中国社会政经方略

Edition 2021 - Frans Vandenbosch

The title of this book Statecraft and Society in China is a tribute to Cambridge professor Joseph Needham (1900 - 1995), a fellow of the Royal Society and the British Academy, for his life's work Science and Civilisation in China.

Grassroots politics in China is a topic where many are clueless and have a very different picture in mind driven by the Western Media. There are many ways they spread misinformation and mislead individuals. There's a myriad of books about top-level politics in China. Almost every week there's a new book published about Xi Jinping, his life, career and way of thinking or about Chinese politics, history, literature, language, the economy, trade, geostrategy and more. It is not too difficult to get a - often western - viewpoint on what's happening on at the top in China. Inside viewpoints, however, are somewhat rarer. English books or reports about what's going on at Chinese grassroots level are completely non-existent. As per our Western narrative, politics is decided in Beijing and is pressed through from the top to the bottom. At a grassroots level, there are only obedient and loyal followers, kneaded by a propaganda apparatus and kept under control by a censorship machine.This book will cut through that picture. It will break with the common assumptions; it invites the reader to take stock of a very different image of China. It will show what's really going on in China. How ordinary Chinese people engage in politics. How people's issues and concerns find their way through the system in new legislation. And how local neighbourhood committees contribute to a more harmonious society in China. It will show the unwavering, selfless commitment of thousands of Chinese people and politicians at grassroots level in local work- and in discussion groups. This book will also show how, in the past two decades, philanthropy with Chinese Characteristics has changed the world of charity in China.Some people will feel offended in reading this book. Although my writing style might be abrasive, it is not my intention to upset my readers. My goal for both China and the world is a harmonious society based on correct information. Before digging into the details of the grassroots movements in China, a basic understanding of the Chinese political system is required. We invite and challenge the - even occasional or chance - reader to broaden their understanding of China as a whole and its cultural and historical roots.

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ISBN: 9789464337327
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Publisher: Frans Vandenbosch
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2021
Pages: 334
Language: English