Guerrilla Warfare (Paperback)

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Guerrilla Warfare is an epoch-making book by Che Guevara aimed to inspire thousands of guerrilla fighters in various countries worldwide. Guevara believed that in the world of totalitarian regimes, where political opposition and legal civil struggle are impossible to conduct, guerilla warfare is the best method to resist the government. Yet, commonly guerilla movements lack organization, clear political vision, motivation, and supply. This book was aimed to help guerilla leaders solve these issues and strengthen the opposition with strong motivation and strict organization. Content: - Part I: General Principles of Guerrilla Warfare - Essence of Guerrilla Warfare - Guerrilla Strategy - Guerrilla Tactics - Warfare on Favorable Ground - Warfare on Unfavorable Ground - Suburban Warfare - Part II: the Guerrilla Band - The Guerrilla Fighter: Social Reformer - The Guerrilla Fighter as Combatant - Organization of a Guerrilla Band - The Combat - Beginning, Development, and End of a Guerrilla War - Part III: Organization of the Guerrilla Front - Supply - Civil Organization - The Role of the Woman - Medical Problems - Sabotage - War Industry - Propaganda - Intelligence - Training and Indoctrination - The Organizational Structure of the Army of a Revolutionary Movement - Organization in Secret of the First Guerrilla Band - Defense of Power That Has Been Won.

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