Arabic For Beginners: 50 Short Stories For Language Learners: Grow Your Vocabulary The Fun Way! (Paperback)

Arabic For Beginners: 50 Short Stories For Language Learners: Grow Your Vocabulary The Fun Way! By Malik Selim Cover Image
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Do you know the number one frustrating challenge that Arabic beginners face at the beginning of their Arabic language quest?

That's right. Its vocabulary. Acquiring vocabulary is a dreading phase for any beginner, and people generally struggle to grow their vocabulary. They see it as a straining and extensive period which never seems to end.

Did you know that, according to some reliable publications, the human brain is more likely to remember information stored in stories than "hard facts" information, i.e. boring textbooks? This is because our brain is programmed to recognize patterns of information (i.e. a plot in a story). Arabic and other languages require you to have a decent amount of vocabulary for you to be able to communicate effectively.

The thing is, though, most people totally complicate this process of acquiring vocabulary. Are you tired of constantly writing down large vocabulary lists and memorizing them with no sense of direction? Do you hate the mere thought of having to open your textbook and highlight random words that you will probably never use?

As the old saying goes, "I've been there and done that". But not to worry, though, this book has hundreds of vocabulary words that are useful and relevant. I have used them in a fun and engaging way. The stories have been crafted to enable the reader to take in the vocabulary and use it in context for themselves.

When you purchase this book, you will get:

  • Fifty short stories in Arabic and translated into English.
  • Arabic text that is vowelized, making it very easy for a beginner to follow along.
  • Some crucial tips for reading texts for language learners.
  • How to properly benefit from stories when it comes to learning a language.
  • Access to hundreds of new vocabulary words.

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Publication Date: August 8th, 2021
Pages: 120
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