The Lover's Rhapsody (Paperback)

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Lovers are wildly passionate seekers of God.

They are intoxicated by their heart's longing for union with their Beloved.

They ache and pray with their whole beings for the Light behind all forms.

They thirst to drink the nectar of Love in every moment.

They hunger to explore and know what lies behind the veils of perceived reality.

They demand truth with their whole existence and will not settle for anything less.

They are misfits,

incapacitated by Love's hangover,

wandering the world seeking Home,

unable to dance to the rhythm of anything other than the celestial tune of the Universe.

They are the mystics, dreamers, healers, artists, poets,

singers, dancers, visionaries, empaths, shamans,

and ultimately, the devoted ones to the Heart of life.

With nearly one hundred ecstatic love poems and dozens of bonus verses written in the literary style of great Sufi masters like Rumi, Hafez, and Shams-i-Tabriz, multi-award-winning author Adam Malik Siddiq has created a timeless poetic masterpiece that's destined to awaken every heart that reads these words. Written during the experiences of spiritually awakened states, these transmissions will quench the thirst of every soul seeker.

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ISBN: 9781946852038
ISBN-10: 1946852031
Publisher: Lineage Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2020
Pages: 184
Language: English