Ted Bundy: A Serial Killer Among Us (Paperback)

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Not all monsters lurk in shadow, and sometimes the truest evils hide in plain sight. The story of the most popular serial killer to ever ravage the United States tells of such a case: when the world was forced to see the creature behind the charm. For history remembers Ted Bundy for two things: his grisly murders, and the circus surrounding his trial. During the seventies Ted Bundy terrorized, raped, assaulted, and murdered dozens of young women across seven states before he was finally caught and executed. But the story of Ted Bundy is much bigger than the scope of his crimes or the depth of his depravity, as it lies in the stories and memories of his victims, and the lasting effect this malicious monster had on the collective psyche of a nation.

The life and crimes of Ted Bundy are reexamined in Ted Bundy: A Serial Killer Among Us, a new and comprehensive biography of the captivating killer who terrorized a nation. Giving close consideration to the effects of his trial and the media surrounding it, this book offers up new ways to consider and condemn the man inside the monster.

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ISBN: 9781922346346
ISBN-10: 1922346349
Publisher: Cascade Publishing
Publication Date: March 13th, 2021
Pages: 100
Language: English