The Promised Son (Paperback)

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This book was prepared under the guidance of Hazrat Mirza

Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul-Masih IV rta by Rashid Ahmad

Chaudhry with the help of the Children's Book Commitee.

The script was acquired by Additional Wakalat-e-Tasneef a

few years after the demise of Rashid Ahmad Chaudhry from

his children. Some slight modifications have been made to

the original text for the sake of historical accuracy and style.

These books for children are being prepared to provide

an appreciation for some of the most revered personalities in

the history of our Jama'at. They commemorate the profound

faith and immense sacrifices of these people, the reading

of which will naturally nurture a love and appreciation for

them in the hearts of our children and future generations.

It is also hoped that the examples of righteousness found in

these pages will inspire children to cultivate a personal relationship

with Allah, our Creator, Sustainer, and Guide.

This particular book is a brief look into the life of

Khalifatul-Masih II, Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud

Ahmad ra. The Khilafat of Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din

Mahmud Ahmad ra was full of great achievements and his

birth fulfilled the Promised Messiah's as prophecy concerning

the 'Promised Son'.

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