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The Last Boat tells the story of Somoni, an Ijaw fisherman who lived in Old Bakana, an island community in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. Though a commoner, Somoni loved education, but had to drop out of high school when his father suddenly passed away. Unable to pay his tuition, he got a job as a fisherman. Then he met his eccentric old schoolmate, Inobio, who was full of ideas but penniless. Inobio sold him on the idea of selling fish instead of catching fish, and formed a partnership with him. However, Inobio didn't like the dirty work, so he made Somoni travel the creeks to buy the fish. One day, the partners went out together to the countryside. Inobio convinced Somoni to return to Port Harcourt city with him later that night. Somoni had a bad premonition, but went anyway. Then it happened. Their boat caught fire in the middle of an area infested with cannibals and crocodiles, and their trouble doubled. Somehow, both men survived the night, but not their partnership. Days later, Somoni boarded a boat with a leak and the vessel began to sink in the middle of the ocean. Somoni took extraordinary action to save himself and the other passengers, and thus, Somoni, the high school dropout, became a hero.
(About the Author)
Gogo Fubara Iyalla is from Bakana, a small island in Rivers State, Nigeria. Bakana was decreed into existence by Queen Victoria of England after the Kalabari Civil War of 1879-1881. He was inspired to write this story by the tales he heard from elders in his village. A broadcast TV journalist, the author is also a screenwriter and producer. This is his first published book.

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ISBN: 9781682355497
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Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: June 11th, 2023
Pages: 188
Language: English