No-Frills Islam (Paperback)

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No-Frills Islam is a cut-to-the-bone essay on Islam. It pulls out the core principles of the religion, which was the thrust of what Muhammad brought to humanity. Readers will find the principles within are more likely to resonate with the average reader, whether Muslim, Christian, or even the non-religious. Often it is language that causes divisions in understanding between people. That aside, the idea of purity of faith around or in a benevolent source of life needs to transcend ideological dogma and become the instrument through which humanity evolves to become more complete human beings. This compelling book presents a pure description of Islam, without all the added traditions that come to be attached as an identity via its development and history. It begins by giving the five basic principles and their implications as they affect life and belief. Khalid A. Wasi wrote this book to clear up misunderstandings and distortions of Islam as it is has been presented. He is the founder of the first orthodox Muslim community in Bermuda and is a semi-retired businessman, currently working as a private business consultant. The author grew up in Bermuda and has been a socio/politico activist for the better part of his life. He also served in Bermuda as a human rights commissioner for 13 years (one of those years as chairman of the education committee). He has met five world leaders, including having an audience with King Khalid bin Saud, now deceased. He currently spends considerable time in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, if not traveling. Publisher's website: http: //

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Publication Date: November 25th, 2015
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