Economic Eudaimonism: ... A Cultural Awakening (Paperback)

Economic Eudaimonism: ... A Cultural Awakening By Raymond Chladny Cover Image
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Our present economic priorities have barely changed over the last 300 years despite unprecedented technological advancement. Today the economics scale has become larger, faster and more complicated surpassing the ability for cultural adjustments, opening a societal riff through which the selfish, unabridged have been taking the rewards the free market's invisible hand offers while tossing the essential ethical components aside. The greatest enemies of any economic system have always been greed and power-lust; evils born from personal choices, often by sociopaths who find their way to be leaders of governments, corporations or religious institutions. It's always these individuals who are the villains and not the free market. Eudaimonia is anything expressing its inner nature or composition in its highest state and when economics approach eudaimonia, it will close this riff with the emergence of a second invisible hand that works with the first to redistribute the world's wealth free from regulation. A cultural awakening transcending those who don't wish to share. Economic Eudaimonia will: Move tens to hundreds of billions of dollars from the greedy to the needy; By-pass the corrupt media reports for real and timely news; Expose corruption & reward good choices and people; Reform the stock market; Improve work cultures; Give easy access for help to those in need; Increase sharing of our personal excesses; Provide help to natural disasters; Reduce extreme poverty; Help us embrace our diversity so to accept peace over anger; This not a utopian endeavor. Real models and logical arguments will be presented. For the first time in human development we are at the cusp to grasp and embrace this simple, timely transition towards virtuous freedom, small government and reduced world suffering.

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Publication Date: September 12th, 2022
Pages: 188
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