5@55: The 5 Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age 55 (Paperback)

5@55: The 5 Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age 55 By Judith D. Grimaldi, Joanne Seminara, Pierre A. Lehu Cover Image
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Learn About the Five Essential Legal Documents You Need to Set Up by Age 55

Many people discover too late that they need some essential legal documents to deal with common health and end of life issues. Failing to prepare these documents ahead of time can create major legal headaches that often require expensive trips to court to resolve.

Written by expert attorneys in the fields of elder law and estate planning, 5@55 is a slim, easy-to-read guide to the five most important legal documents you should have by age 55:

  1. Healthcare Advance Directive
  2. Living Will
  3. Power of Attorney
  4. Last Will and Testament
  5. Authorization to Access Electronic Records and Media Sites.

These are the documents that everyone says they'll get to "eventually." But "eventually" all too often turns to "never." Setting a deadline of age 55 to draft these essential documents ensures that they'll be ready before you need them--and avoid nasty and costly surprises.

With full descriptions of each document, explanations of why you need it, and sample documents you can adapt to your own needs, 5@55 is a must-have manual for the second half of life.

About the Author

Judith D. Grimaldi is a partner in the elder law firm Grimaldi & Yeung. An attorney for 20 years, Grimaldi specializes in family caregivers and homecare. Joanne Seminara, also a partner in Grimaldi & Yeung, has handled estates and trusts throughout her nearly 30-year legal career. Pierre A. Lehu has written 21 books, covering such diverse topics as sex, sake, fashion and making the most of midlife and college.

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Publication Date: June 15th, 2015
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