Alice in Wonderland: English to Italian (Paperback)

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By Nik Marcel (Translator), Silvio Spaventa Filippi (Translator), Nik Marcel (Editor)
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ALICE IN WONDERLAND: English to Italian THIS EDITION: The dual-language text has been arranged into sub-paragraphs and paragraphs, for quick and easy cross-referencing. The Italian translation has been modernised and amended to suit this dual language project. The revised English text is in part a translation from Italian. Essentially, Alice in Wonderland has been rewritten in contemporary English from the Italian translation. The emphasis is on attaining a high correlation between each set of text fragments. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Alice in Wonderland, first published in 1865, is about the adventures of a young girl after she dives down a hole chasing a rabbit. She encounters many animal-like creatures that have quirky human qualities, and she herself undergoes many unusual transformations on her journey into 'Wonderland'. Though sometimes regretting her fateful decision to dive down after the Rabbit, Alice is for the most part a fearless and inquisitive young girl. In the underground, the most unusual obstacles appear always to be thrown at her, and with great insight, she manages to explore ways of overcoming them. It is a story full of humour, but also of sharp wit. Lewis Carroll's mathematical ability is revealed in his extensive use of logic in word play. AUTHOR: Lewis Carroll is the famous pen name of the English writer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (27 January 1832 - 14 January 1898). He also published many works on mathematics, became an Anglican deacon, and was well known as a photographer.

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