The Spear of Redemption (Hardcover)

The Spear of Redemption By D. J. Marteeny, Richard S. Marteeny Cover Image
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The Avenger has captured and imprisoned the evil vampire Dragone. Mysterious and secretive, the Avenger has become the trusted ally of the vampire Julian Reynolds; together they must wage war against Dragone's evil hordes. Along with Adrianna Avani, the woman he loves, and a handful of others, Julian must find the one weapon that can destroy Dragone-the spear of redemption.

Julian and his band of warriors must travel the world, from the ancient ruins and hidden treasures of Rome to the sacred sights of Jerusalem, to find the weapon before it falls into the wrong hands, risking both the safety of the world and Julian's one chance for redemption from the sins of a life that was forced upon him centuries ago.

But nightmarish creatures aren't the only demons Julian must battle as he fights to control his love-or lust-for Adrianna. Her blood carries the gene capable of making him human once again; but, in Julian's world, humanity means weakness, something he cannot afford in his fight against Dragone. Should he forfeit his vampiric powers and accept the gift he's waited for all of these centuries? Or does he give up his dream, resisting Adrianna long enough to destroy Dragone once and for all

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ISBN: 9781450247535
ISBN-10: 1450247539
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2010
Pages: 288
Language: English