Dial H Vol. 1: Into You (The New 52) (Paperback)

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Dial H Vol. 1: Into You (The New 52) By China Mieville, Mateus Santolouco (Illustrator) Cover Image
By China Mieville, Mateus Santolouco (Illustrator)
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Bookseller: Alec
Title: Dial H: Into You

This reboot of a Silver Age comic brings plenty of Mieville's oddities to bear in a frenetic story of mysterious badies and even more mysterious allies. Nelson, a lazy schlub of a man, is chosen by circumstance to become a superhero and finds that hero part was always inside of him - sounds pretty standard, I know, but it serves as a good grounding for all of the strange things going on around him. What is Abyss, and what does it want? What is the creature on the other end of the line?

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A New York Times Bestseller!

Hugo Award-winning novelist China Mieville breathes new life into a classic DC Comics series as part of the second wave of DC Comics—The New 52.

In the small run-down town of Littleville, CO, a troubled young man stumbles upon the lost H-Dial and all of the secrets and power it possesses. It has been many years since the H-Dial has been seen, though legions of villains have been scouring the globe looking for it and its ability to transform users into a variety of superheros and take on their powers and psyches. Will our hero be able to harness the power of the H-Dial and protect it from falling into the hands of evil? Will this newfound power plunge our hero to madness? And will we ever discover where the H-Dial came from and its true meaning?

About the Author

China Miéville is the author of KING RAT; PERDIDO STREET STATION winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the British Fantasy Award; THE SCAR, winner of the Locus Award and the British Fantasy Award; IRON COUNCIL winner of the Locus Award and the Arthur C. Clarke Award; LOOKING FOR JAKE a collection of short stories; and UN LUN DUN, his New York Times bestselling book for younger readers. He lives and works in London.

Praise For…

Praise for Mieville's Dial H:

"Dial H is a terrific tale of an ordinary schlub raised to hero status by accident. It’s an old trope but, as detailed vividly by Mieville, Dial H is full of cleverness and narrative energy."—EW.com's Shelf Life

"Miéville, a mystery/horror novelist, brings raw energy and intelligence to Dial H and it's amazing just how refreshing and invigorating that is."—MTV.com

"Mieville and Burchielli have turned a strange concept into something even more wonderful in "Dial H." Don't pass it up..."—Comicbookresources.com

"Wild, crazy fun. Miéville's ideas are golden from the get-go, and we can only imagine how much zanier they're going to be as the series wears on."—Craveonline.com

"Although Dial H is shorter on visceral horror, it goes longer on comedy, resulting in one of the best of DC Comics’ uneven New 52 relaunches."—Wired.com

Product Details
ISBN: 9781401237752
ISBN-10: 1401237754
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2013
Pages: 168
Language: English
Series: New 52!