In Defense of Science Fiction

by Giovanni, a Bookloft bookseller

I love the science fiction genre because of its versatility. You can do pretty much anything in the genre, from alien races to technology we’ll likely never see to whole galaxies and universes completely new to us. But it’s not all alien princesses, space battles and lasers. Some science fiction is more contemporary, showing us glimpses of what could be, just down the road, or are subtle warnings of what may come if we don’t act quickly enough. 

Amanda Gorman

Meet Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history (she is 22). Since 2017, she has served the United States as the first ever National Youth Poet Laureate, but this morning, she was launched further into the public spotlight when she recited a poem during President Biden's inauguration ceremony.

Bestsellers at The Bookloft in 2020

Meet a Bookseller

Not a Bookseller

by Pam, The Bookloft's owner

I am not a bookseller. Or, at least, not exactly. I do own a bookstore, and I do sometimes work downstairs selling books, talking to customers about what they’re looking for, what they’ve read, whether they are interested in trying something new that I could recommend. All of these things are the actions and behaviors of a bookseller, but still, I am not really a bookseller. My staff at The Bookloft: they are all booksellers. A bookseller at an independent bookstore is not a sales clerk. They all have at least bachelor’s degrees; they are all extremely well read in various genres; they all can talk about books glibly and with enthusiasm and ease. My staff receives books, shelves books, pulls books, dusts books, rearranges books, and talks about books day in and day out, with each other, with customers, with other booksellers at other stores, on Goodreads, on Edelweiss, with vendors, with publisher reps. For the up to forty hours each week that they are at work, their world is books. That is what a bookseller is. I am but a dilettante who ...

Booklofters in Love

​​​​​​​We Booklofters are in love... with books! Here is a list of books that capture our hearts, whether because they are great love stories or just so memorable. Be it thriller, speculative fiction, philosophical/dog/memior/stories (thanks Linda for that description), romantic comedy, horror... there is most likely a love connection here for you!