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Memoir, a Letter To...

Who are these letters written to? There is letter to a child, a parent, a partner, to a close friend, for someone we've lost, a letter for healing, to the world, to the reader, the one they wished they had received, the letter to a former version of the author's self, or a version they have yet to become....


Booklofters in Love

​​​​​​​We Booklofters are in love... with books! Here is a list of books that capture our hearts, whether because they are great love stories or just so memorable. Be it thriller, speculative fiction, philosophical/dog/memior/stories (thanks Linda for that description), romantic comedy, horror... there is most likely a love connection here for you!


Thanks to your donations last year, we just completed a year of sending books through the mail to under-privileged families with children of reading age (7-18 yrs).

Help us do it again for 2020!

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