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How We're Starting to Re-Open!

This just in: Starting Monday, June 1, we will start our re-opening process! We'll be open ONLY FOR CURBSIDE PICKUP and SHIPPING for now. We will be able to take orders again via our website or over the phone. You will need to pay electronically when you place your order, since you cannot yet come into the store.

Weekly Curbside Pickup hours:
Mon-Sat. 10:00am-4:00pm

Booklofters in Love

​​​​​​​We Booklofters are in love... with books! Here is a list of books that capture our hearts, whether because they are great love stories or just so memorable. Be it thriller, speculative fiction, philosophical/dog/memior/stories (thanks Linda for that description), romantic comedy, horror... there is most likely a love connection here for you!


Thanks to your donations last year, we just completed a year of sending books through the mail to under-privileged families with children of reading age (7-18 yrs).

Help us do it again for 2020!

Just select an amount below (or enter any custom amount you'd like) and complete the secure checkout process online! Easy-peasy.