Meet a Bookseller

When Social Media Killed My Soul

by Tim, a Bookloft bookseller

First a virus came for us all, from every direction. Next, the Tiger King came into my living room, from the TV. Then, my social feeds snaked out from my phone and choked my soul.

For most of the past six months, I’ve been pretty active on Instagram and other similar digital places. It was a pandemic, during lockdowns, and you could only connect with others virtually. I was laughing at jokes, participating in important social discussions, watching golden retriever puppies learn to bark, and following along with cooking videos.

But then my brain broke. The infinite scroll wouldn’t stop...

Booklofters in Love

​​​​​​​We Booklofters are in love... with books! Here is a list of books that capture our hearts, whether because they are great love stories or just so memorable. Be it thriller, speculative fiction, philosophical/dog/memior/stories (thanks Linda for that description), romantic comedy, horror... there is most likely a love connection here for you!


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