Bernie Fallon

I liked the word "good." I like the concept. It is gentle. It is disarming. I wanted to do something good with my life, which is a feeling I have had since I was a teen. With that, I wanted to do the "best" and what I felt was correct and truthful. That is I wanted to get the most out of my material with the deepest understanding – give the greatest gift.

Through studying many personal development programs, I have certainly experienced some growth and entertainment, but found that the positive effects are not always as advertised. If I didn't get results then how would it work for others? What specifically was holding me back? What was missing from all the study that I did? How would I be helping others if I promoted a personal development program that did not help them grow?

I wanted to know what the real core problem was for myself, and likely for many others like me. I performed my own study consisting of honesty within myself and immersion in personal development research. Oftentimes these programs discuss Quantum Physics, Spiritual disciplines, Holographic Universes or the Field of unlimited possibilities. That gave me a headache.

I wanted the solutions and practices to be as simple as snapping your fingers. Most of us don’t walk through our lives talking about Holographic Universes. The solution to the problems we bring upon ourselves should be as simple as having a thought (or a dream) then locating the power that is already inside of you to create that which you want to see for yourself. Asking for help from doctors, spiritualists and authors takes the power right away from us because it puts the power and information “outside of us.”

The first place we need to recapture our power and reconnect with our power is inside of us. The real power is deep within each and every one of us. In order to change your life for the better, you’ve got to tap into your own knowing.