Author Meet and Greet with Becca Pava!

My name is Becca Pava. Ever since I was a young child I’ve suffered from debilitating chronic illness.
Along with chronic illness comes, pain, fear, frustration, and depression. I want to spread awareness
to the public. This includes family, friends, and especially the medical community. This blog can
show them the raw truth of chronic illness.  This is a brief glimpse into my life. I want to offer hope
and inspiration to others who suffer from chronic illness, like myself, and to the general public.   If I
can get through the day-to-day with the insidious beast of chronic illness, then so can you. 
I’ve achieved a BA in professional writing studies, published two full-length novels and have another
one on the way, published multiple literary journal articles, and won several writing contests. In
addition, I write blog content for various companies through a place called Verblio. On top of that, I
have a job writing screen content and a blog for an app that is being developed to increase overall
Even though I have a chronic illness that has at this point turned terminal, I refuse to give up on my
I also have a little shop on my website where I sell chapters of various books I’ve written, some of them
haven’t even been published yet. You can buy a chapter (which is about 15 to 25 pages long) for only
$2.99 each, less than what you’d pay for your morning coffee. My goal is to get as much of my writing
into the world as possible before I pass so that my short time on this planet will have meant something,
and my writing will be my legacy. You can help by purchasing chapters. To get to my store go to
All info is from Becca's blog "Chronically Alive" ( Becca will be signing
copies of her book "Was I Ever Normal?" and we hope to see you there!