Meet a Bookseller

Struggling to Focus? Read for Escape!

by Cheri, a Bookloft bookseller

I don’t know about you, but during this very strange time I have found my attention span to be somewhat all over the place. I am either totally sucked into watching a television show, movie, reading a book, or I can’t concentrate and my mind is racing and wandering within five seconds of trying to look at something. I DO know that the things I am gravitating toward are much more light-touch than normal. This is not my regular state of being. I am no longer as interested in taking deep dives into the philosophical or psychological right now. Rather, I am longing for escape - be it literary, tv, or even random online shopping, scrolling through pages and pages of items that I really do not need, but can’t help but look at and want to buy. Is this my new normal? I really don’t know, but I’m trying to do my best to go with the flow and take things as they come, with as much deep breathing as I can muster. In the time that I have managed to get myself focused to read, certain stories have touched me more deeply than usual, and that may also be a sign of the times. Here are a few that have helped me escape:

Memoir, a letter to...

Who are these letters written to? There is letter to a child, a parent, a partner, to a close friend, for someone we've lost, a letter for healing, to the world, to the reader, the one they wished they had received, the letter to a former version of the author's self, or a version they have yet to become....

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