The Conversation Starter Bundles

Recent events have led many of us to reexamine issues of racial equity and justice. Books are powerful entry points into conversations with young people. We are very happy to announce, in coordination with the ABA, that we are offering book bundles to help direct conversations on race and social justice. We have curated an inspiring collection of titles, and these bundles are prepackaged and ready for you.

Meet a Bookseller

When Social Media Killed My Soul

by Tim, a Bookloft bookseller

First a virus came for us all, from every direction. Next, the Tiger King came into my living room, from the TV. Then, my social feeds snaked out from my phone and choked my soul.

For most of the past six months, I’ve been pretty active on Instagram and other similar digital places. It was a pandemic, during lockdowns, and you could only connect with others virtually. I was laughing at jokes, participating in important social discussions, watching golden retriever puppies learn to bark, and following along with cooking videos.

But then my brain broke. The infinite scroll wouldn’t stop...

Pre-Order Offers

Need a place to channel your excitement for a future book's release? Pre-order it now!

These offers below are some current campaigns that we are participating in for pre-orders on books that haven't come out yet. Check out the details next to each one, because sometimes there are exclusive offerings (like SIGNED copies, or bonus freebies) that you get when you order a book early.